9.0 - K9 Nose Work®: Introduction to Nose Work


Class Details

  • 6 week class
  • Cost  $120.00
  • Dogs are to be crated or confined in some way when not on the floor working.

Topics Covered

  • Introduces the concept of the game.
  • Builds handler observation skills and timing.
  • Builds foundation skills to help the handler read the dog.
  • Gets the dog focused and builds their intensity for the hunting game.
  • Primarily focuses on interior and container searches in class. 
  • Will begin exterior and vehicle searches if weather permits.
We are happy to provide you with these fun classes for you to enjoy with your dog. This sport uses the dog’s natural hunting and scenting ability to locate scent or odor. It's fun for all dogs.  It is great for the dog that is under exercised, it can help build confidence, and reduce environmental sensitivities while working as a team with the handler. 

Go to www.k9nosework.com or www.nacsw.net for additional information about this sport.

Laura Yurchak and Stephanie Challand are Certified Nose Work Instructors.  
Session Details:
Cost: $120.00
Length: 6 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 4

Upcoming Sessions:
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